"Dzidowski Kowalczyk Muster" Spółka komandytowa (DKM) is a boutique law firm, which combines different specializations and unique work experience of its partners to provide quality advice in Polish legal system. We're set on solving our clients' problems and our role is to design and support solutions as well as legal models which best serve their interests. We believe that it is thanks to this approach that we're able to contribute effectively to our clients' successes.


DKM was co-founded in 2012 by four lawyers: three legal advisers and one attorney. Their practice covers the entire spectrum of commercial law and in their legal careers they advised leaders of such industries as energetics, finances, real estate and new technologies. Due to the fact that each of the founders contributes their own skills and know-how to the firm, we've achieved the effect of synergy, which allows us to provide comprehensive and specialized legal support for entrepreneurs operating in diverse sectors of economy.


On this site, you'll be able to find all information you need regarding our legal team, fields of our specializations and our clients.